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Hookahs Shape. Ship to: Ukraine.


Find Similar. Seller: handpipe Chat Order: 1 Piece Sold: 22 1. Seller: kinggrowthglass Chat Seller: wzq Chat Order: 1 Piece Sold: 23 3. Seller: toperfect Chat Seller: radiantglass Chat Seller: alina Chat On the other hand, each piece of colorful elite glass is unique and never replicated. Mothership has made about pieces in this elite line, they say, and every one of them has either maintained or increased in value.

And for all of the elite and color pieces, we are making only one. Colito reaches into the safe and pulls out an ornate wooden box engraved with sacred geometry and inlaid with semiprecious stones.

He carefully pulls the lid back along its wooden hinge to reveal a bong that looks like a replica of a convenience-store soda cup. A yellow-and-white-striped glass straw exits the top and functions as the mouthpiece, while the bowl sits on a stem sticking out from the side of the clear glass cup. Swirls of color ring the clear glass, and a ring of small marbles, each handcrafted with breathtaking detail, line the bottom of the cup. The marbles sit inside the cup's interior, where they'll mix with water and weed vapor as the piece is used.

This is a collaborative piece between Mothership and a team of Japanese glassblowers led by Junichi Kojima. Most of the world's extremely expensive bongs are the work of two or more famous artists. He even seems surprised by that price tag. We are super grateful for all of this," Colito says. He carefully puts the piece back in its box and returns it to the safe. Then he pulls out a similarly ornate wooden box and pulls back the lid, but that's as far as he will go. Tucked securely in the black foam of the box sits what may be the most talked about bong ever made.

It's another collaboration with the Japanese artists, who have used their pointillistic technique to create Grateful Dead—themed marbles, inlaying dancing bears and skulls into orbs that are attached to the inside and outside of the piece. The Dead's iconic point lightning bolts are also attached to the outside, and the entire piece is so perfectly assembled that it's easy to forget that it was made by human hands out of melted glass. Most people watching the market think it will sell. Bush administration raid that targeted hundreds of homes and businesses across the country.

More than 50 people were charged with federal crimes, including Tommy Chong, who was convicted of conspiracy to distribute drug paraphernalia and sentenced to nine months in federal prison. A lot has changed since then. Recreational weed is legal in eight states, and medical weed is allowed in almost Even with a new presidential administration opposed to pot legalization , the country is a much friendlier place for stoners than it used to be. And weed legalization didn't just make it easier to carry paraphernalia, it also generated a lot of cash for some cannabis entrepreneurs.

Most of Washington's legal weed businesses can deposit money in banks, but that banking access is severely limited outside of our state. The medical cannabis industry in states like California and Arizona, which has very limited access to traditional banking, has put hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash into the pockets of individual people. Without a bank to use, those entrepreneurs are looking for places to invest their dough, and a portion of that cash has likely made it into this glass market.

Plus, the liberalization of weed laws has allowed stoners in the upper echelons of our society to come out of the woodwork. Anyone who has spent time with America's ultrarich knows they like drugs just like the plebeians.

A guide for the ultimate deadhead.

Now that weed is being normalized, they can publicly affirm their coolness with extremely expensive bongs. In Uncleerrrl's exact words to me through Instagram: "I went after the ms sagan cuz I had two sagan pieces already. In addition to being a marketplace, Instagram functions as a venue to show off.

Almost every glass artist conducts some portion of their sales directly through the social-media website, allowing them a free way to post images of bongs for sale and to connect with buyers. G lass-pipe making is naturally a dispersed and underground industry, with small studios set up in backyard sheds and ignored warehouses across the country. Even in a place like Washington, where well-known bong makers are scattered throughout the state in cities and suburbs, there was no hub for high-end bong making until in , when Nathan Aweida opened 7 Point Studios in a warehouse on Dearborn Street in Seattle.

Aweida's studios became a nexus for high-end bongs and the artists who make them. Some of the most influential and expensive pieces in the world have been worked on at 7 Point Studios. Aweida made a name for himself within the industry when he came up with his signature Swiss Perc design in The design, which Aweida recently won a trademark for, is a disk-shaped tube with multiple holes punched completely through, making the glass look like a piece of Swiss cheese. Each hole in the water pipe functions as a percolator, breaking up the smoke and making the hit smoother. In addition to offering a space for glass artists to make pipes freely—most institutions with glassblowing studios, like Pratt Fine Arts Center, still don't allow people to make pipes in their facilities—7 Point offered a school dedicated to glass-pipe making.

Cypress Hill and the RayHammer 2!!

Aweida called it the Boro School, its name inspired by borosilicate, the type of glass that most contemporary glass pipes are made out of. Borosilicate is able to withstand repeated heat changes without breaking, which makes it a natural material for cannabis pipes and scientific lab equipment. It's also the same material that Pyrex is made out of. Bob Snodgrass is the artist widely credited with making the first borosilicate smoking pipes. Snodgrass starting working with glass in Ohio in the s and then traveled around the country blowing glass pipes in a mobile studio set up in a bus and often touring with the Grateful Dead.

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Mahogany Wood. Walnut Wood. Padauk Wood Red. Purple Heart Wood. Lipstick Pipe Quick View translation missing: en. Swan Bubbler Pipe Quick View translation missing: en. Swan Bubbler Color. Blue Black. Green White Blue. Red White Black. Color Black Blue Yellow. Choose Spoon Pipe Design. Option A. Option B. Option C. Option D. Option E. Option F. Option G. Option H. Choose Your Pipe.