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Now that he had properly broken me in with his monster unit, my ass muscles crushed him, reducing the diameter of his mighty meat to that of a toothpick Kevin started to come to his senses after several minutes of lying in the small clearing. Kevin was exposed to every conceivable type of sexual encounter imaginable. There was bondage, wrestling, strip poker, water sports in the pool and everything else in between Carl got his uncle to get us a six-pack of Coors.

After drinking it, we were buzzed and he suggested we compare our cocks. His was about four inches long soft and with two massive balls pushing it up and out. All around the base of his cut cock grew a ticket clump of black curly pubic hair. Installing an intruder alarm becomes a labor of lust, when our man meets a hot sub with a few alarming suggestions on how to put in the unit We were both tops. Our sex was always hot, physical, and athletic, but neither of us would submit ultimately to the other. As often as I tried, he simply would not surrender his temptingly tight little butt to me.

I loved to try, and the struggle was often the sexiest part of our lovemaking The first 6 hours of a 24 hour fantasy. Two men whose faces were never shown join my 24 hour sex master"s fantasy of a tied up gang ra-pe A boy named Blake goes on a camping trip with his buddies from school. When they run out of gas in a strange town, they find theres more to this place then its abandoned state. Blake and his friends are taken by the inhabinants and repeatedly raped and molested.

Can Blake escape before he loses something other than his mind, like his virginity? An American businessman is taken prisoner by a sadistic Turkish Master and turned into a feminized slave subjected to body modification, torture, and sexual abuse My boyfriend Kyle sets up a surprise date that shows me how much fun bondage and gangbanging is Now that Jack is being held captive by the horny Corey and his friends, will Corey fuck the straight virgin"s tight hole?

Parental controls: Wikipedia. A Gay Sex Niches. Summer Lifeguard part 7. Rating: 9. Restrained Freedom. Against My Will? Rating: 6. Becoming Daddy"s Boy. Sailor Slave, Part 2, Thank you Sir.

Rating: 8. Realization becomes reality.

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My steel bondage session. Trip Money, Part 3. First time together. Eric the pool boy. Rating: 3. Bad Dirty.

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Rating: 5. Triumvirate - Part Two - Compare and Contrast. A Very Good Boy. Sailor Slave, Part 2. Mason Meets Roland - Part One. Dreams can lead to happy things! This Scorpio New Moon asks you to get quiet, so that you can hear her persistent whisper…Slow down. Study yourself. Prepare to let go of that which is no longer serving you. Be brave.

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Trust yourself. Cup your hands around your heart in honor and protection. Be your best witness. Hold space for yourself. To visualize the manifestations of the coming 28 days. It invites us to witness the trees as their leaves fall away. The leaves are ready to die, to decay, to go back to the earth. The leaves have served their purpose. The tree trusts this. Scorpio tells us about cycles. As such, it rules Sex. You may not fully understand the cycle that you are moving through.

But trust that you are moving. You may not understand why letting go is so important.

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This watery, intuitive moon is not about logic. So let go of logic and open your heart to trust. She will challenge you. She will prod you. She wants to help you eliminate the old to make room for the new. The emotional grooves that are scored deep into the nooks and crannies of our psyche. Want catharsis?

source url Recognizing these buried emotions could bring a lot to the surface. Releasing them could set a fresh new cycle in motion. So show up courageously. Look closely at your wounds. Look at the part of your life that you are trying to control. Scorpio rules letting go AND control. Can you loosen your grip? Is there some fear there? If so, is the fear triggered by a thought? What is the thought? Why do you believe the thought? What proof is there?


When was the first time you thought this? What was going on in your life at that time? Is there another thought that could replace it? How would you like to feel instead? Free up some time this weekend to just sit quietly and see what comes up. Scorpio archetypes are the Detective, the Researcher, and the Psychologist. It is the job of all these archetypes to search and uncover.

Do this with your emotional self. Chatty Mercury joins the Scorpio New Moon to help communicate to you what you are ready to let go of. These communications may be quick and persistent, like the pitter patter of rain. All you have to do is allow the message to come through.

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Mercury is bringing lots of ideas and new information. Areas of your life that you think you have all figured out may be ready for new interpretations. Get ready to start up a conversation with your highest self. This energy will help you open up to your intuition to receive a message from across the veil. The symbol promises that if you use all of your senses and follow your best hunch, you will arrive at your destination.