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It makes a perfect blend for detoxing your body after the holidays or a party. Apple are full of nutrition.

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In addition to being a good source of Vitamin C, apples also contain polyphenols, which can have numerous health benefits. This is a really delicious drink, and is full of beneficial nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Carrots are an great source of vitamin A in the form of beta carotene. They are also an excellent source of B vitamins, vitamin K and potassium. The carrot juice is pleasantly sweet, and pairs well with the tartness of the apples. When buying apples, choose firm ones as they will produce a clearer juice. This is a surprisingly light and tangy drink that makes a perfect juice for breakfast or early in the morning.

Besides all the antioxidants in the apples and lemons, the cucumbers have many health benefits as well, including vitamin K. The fruits do a good job of masking the taste of the vegetables, and this recipe tastes really good. Spinach is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals. It contains high amounts of carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid, iron and calcium.

1. Cleanse and Detox with “Beets and Treats”

The beets are a good source of vitamins and minerals, such as folate, potassium, manganese, iron and vitamin C. This popular detox drink gives you tons of energy, and is really good for you, too. You may want to add a little honey if you like it sweeter, but I would taste it first. Kale is really high in nutrients and very low in calories, which makes it one of the most nutrient dense foods available. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you should try this delicious detox juice recipe.

It has allergy fighting vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables like pineapple, lemon and grapes. You can even freeze these in popsicle molds for a great frozen treat.

The Juice Cleanse: Pros, Cons, and How It Works

Pears are a good source of several essential nutrients, such as vitamin K, vitamin C, copper and potassium. Carrots have a lot of health benefits. During a juice cleanse you should also:. Raw, organic juice is the key component of the cleanse. It's nutrients, phytochemicals, and antioxidants are in an easily absorbable liquid form.

Vegan, gluten-free meals and snacks may be included for people requiring more energy, who are new to juice cleansing, or want a less extreme experience. Smoothies and vegan food can be included or substituted in more gentle juice cleanses. Room temperature or lukewarm water may be consumed between each juice or meal to promote elimination.

Fruits and vegetables used to make the juices often include celery, kale, carrot, cabbage , apple, spinach, beets, and leafy greens. Avocados and bananas have a low water content and don't juice well, but work well in smoothies. Be sure to remove the pits of peaches, apricots, cherries, and other fruit, apple seeds, carrot and rhubarb tops, and tough skins of kiwi, pineapple and mangos before juicing. Organic produce is best, but if it's unavailable, a fruit and vegetable wash often available in health food stores may help to remove pesticide residues.

People often find it easiest to make the juice at the beginning or end of the day and to prepare enough for one full day. Although juice should be consumed as close to the time of juicing as possible, juice can be stored in covered glass or BPA-free cups or bottles. If hunger pangs are persistent or uncomfortable, vegetable broth or a small snack such as carrots, celery , a salad, or a piece of fruit is often suggested. For certain people, a modified juice fast that includes a salad each day for lunch or dinner may be recommended.

During a juice cleanse, it is recommended that you drink juice or smoothies every few hours during the day.

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Here is a sample schedule:. To optimize nutrient absorption, juice cleanse proponents recommend drinking juice slowly rather than gulping it down. The day after completing the cleanse , eat mainly vegetables, either raw or lightly steamed, and fruit or nuts. Portion sizes should be small and the diet should be very similar to what you did to prepare—no sugar, coffee, wheat, gluten-containing foods, processed foods, or dairy.

The next day, include more plant foods, such as beans, brown rice, or quinoa. By the fifth day after the fast, you should resume eating regular meals.

Ketogenic Juice Recipe. Juicing while on Ketogenic diet. 30 Days of Juice. DAY 1. Ivy Carnegie

Some people use the days after a cleanse to try to identify their reactions to foods. To do this, keep a journal and reintroduce foods systematically, noting any changes in energy, digestion, cravings, or other symptoms. For example, on the first day, gluten may be introduced in small amounts. Then note what happens over the 24 to 48 hour period after reintroducing each food.

Dairy is another food category that is often reintroduced carefully and tested. For example, try having a glass of milk or a few pieces of cheese. Juice cleanses can be done at home using a juicer or juice press. Cleanse programs are also available in many cities at local juice bars, larger chain stores such as Whole Foods Market, Costco, or Target, or can be ordered online from companies such as Blueprint Cleanse or Pressed Juicery. They offer three preset cleanses with six ounce drinks each day:. Each of the three cleanses are available in one-, three-, or five-day options, or you can customize your cleanse using any combination of drinks.

Orders are placed online and the juices are delivered in insulated shipping coolers with plenty of cold packs.


10 Detox Juice Recipes for a Fast Weight Loss Cleanse

They are dairy-free, vegan, and have no added sweeteners. Consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended before a juice cleanse, particularly for cleanses lasting longer than one day or for anyone with a health condition. While drinking freshly juiced fruits and vegetables may have many health benefits, consuming nothing but juice for three days or more is not necessarily healthy or sustainable in the long term.

Any health benefits gained are only temporary. A juice cleanse isn't right for everyone. Other concerns include:. In addition, the diet is low in calories and may temporarily boost weight loss, but it is unlikely to be sustained in the long term. Following a juice cleanse can provide a short-term boost for starting a new healthy eating program or a quick reset after a few days of indulging, but it is not recommended as a long-term weight loss program.

While following a juice fast for three days may provide short-term weight loss, it does not teach skills, like healthy meal planning and preparing, needed for sustained weight loss. The USDA recommends consuming roughly 1, calories per day for weight loss, but this number can vary a lot based on age, sex, weight, and activity level.


Use this calculator to determine your personalized daily caloric needs. Looking to lose weight? Our nutrition guide can help you get on the right track. Sign up and get yours! Sci Rep. Curr Gastroenterol Rep. More in Diet Plans. How It Works. Pros and Cons. How It Compares. View All. What Experts Say "Juice cleanses specifically lack fiber, which helps control your appetite and helps your body 'cleanse' itself.

Preparation: For three to five days before the cleanse, you will gradually eliminate certain foods, such as coffee, refined sugar, meat, dairy products, wheat, alcohol, and nicotine to reduce headaches, cravings, and other withdrawal symptoms. Cleanse: For the one to three days of the actual cleanse, it is recommended to drink at least 32 ounces of juice or smoothie with at least half being green vegetable juice.

After the fast: Once the fast is over, it is recommended to eat lightly for a few days, gradually adding foods back in over the course of several days. Book a Massage: Try massage therapy such as Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage , deep tissue massage , and Thai massage , contrast showers, and skin brushing, which can be done as part of a regular shower.

Practice Mind and Body Wellness: Stress can have negative effects on health and may impair detoxification. Try to get plenty of rest. Go to bed as early as you can and take naps if possible. Prepare for Emotions That May Arise During Fasting: According to traditional Chinese medicine , the liver is associated with anger, the kidneys with fear, and the gallbladder holds frustration.