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TH: And then he doesn't talk to her anymore, that's actually the last phone call they ever have because, he thinks that if he cuts her off, maybe she'll just give up. But she goes to one of her brothers, and her brother says that he would only pay for her to go, but he's not going to pay for her husband to go. Come at all I should say? About three weeks later, right before she walked into the desert, Maricela sent her family a message on Facebook. God willing I will get there. JDL: You know, he was like, just right now, show me the photos and I was just dancing around that for-for over an hour.

F T : I saw all the photos, and the truth is that it tore me to pieces to see or imagine everything she had to endure in the desert. F T : Jason brought me photos of how she was found and her body outstretched, trying to keep going. F: Entonces…. F T : When I talked to my family, I said, you know, here dream was really to arrive here. And so I thought at least we can fulfill that dream with her body TH: They held the wake at a funeral home in Queens. They were told to keep the coffin shut. The next day, her body went back to Ecuador.

Fernando had to stay in New York, because he knows if he were to go back to Ecuador, it would just be way too hard to try to come back to the United States. He says that, you know, right now he's just trying to fulfill a promise. I was going to try to give them what she had wanted for them. LN: And it's worth pointing out, uh, you know, I mean, more generally, prevention through deterrence as a strategy, it hasn't deterred people from coming to the U.

The annual budget for the border patrol is roughly 3. We have about 5 times as many border patrol agents. And yet the number of people, immigrants, living here undocumented has more than tripled during that time. From 3 and a half million, to about 11 million. And more people are coming every year, every day. And more people are dying along the way. JDL: Um, I was able to kind of triangulate based on interviews of people that he was with, and with information from from various folks, where we think he went missing.

TH: And you know better than anyone what happens to bodies in the desert no, I think. I mean, why are you still looking for him, or why, you know, yeah? As callous as that question sounds I guess. By submitting your information, you're agreeing to receive communications from New York Public Radio in accordance with our Terms of Use.

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Michael Wells Summary Transcript. LN: Oh and this, Oh what?!

Supporter of giant ‘caravan’ of migrants headed for US border arrested

What is- what are those hairs? LN: Ok.

LN: So we have a, we have a skull, we have a few, we have some parts of the BA: The spine. The spine it looks like, and then just two LN: Right. BA: Yeah, he is. LN: Wow. BA: He was in the body bag.

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He and his colony would have been on the body. JA: This is RadioLab. JA: Here's Latif. MK: Is Jason still there? JA: Alright, can you hear Latif too? JDL: I sure can, good morning! LN: Oh, good morning. JDL: Sure, um JA: When was this, by the way? JA: Ok.

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JDL: So we had been about two weeks into the pig experiment and LN: Down in southern Arizona. LN: Like a fully, intact body. JDL: Yeah. LN: So first he called the police. LN: And Jason decided yeah, we should, we should document this. JDL: You know, we took some notes down. Gray to green discoloration. About what she was wearing. Brown to black discoloration of arms and legs. LN: Took some pictures of the body.

LN: Four turkey vultures. And so at that point they just sort of sit down and waited JDL: For the police to come.


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The sheriff. LN: An hour goes by. JDL: Just waiting with the body. RR: I remember Jason calling me. LN: Jason called a friend of his, a woman named Robin Reineke. RR: Him being really, clearly shaken and you know asking for advice. LN: Robin actually runs this non-profit. JDL: In Tucson called the And they do a lot of work with the missing and with bodies that have been recovered. LN: So Jason tells her JDL: Look we, today we had this-this thing, we found this person out here and LN: Could you help us ID her?

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BA: Probably a couple hundred people are these bones of a person are in here JA: Like, looking at the length of the bones or the density of the bones. BA: By the non-fusion of these separate bones So each of these tabs is a person, is that right? RR: Yeah. RR: Okay. So, this is an email from me from LN: He said one of them was an elderly man RR: 70 years old. LN: And the other was a woman maybe from Guatemala, or Ecuador, late 30s, early 40s I will contact Guatemalan and Ecuadorian consulates regarding new missing persons cases.

LN: Maricela Ahguipolla.

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Robin gets in touch with Jason to tell him, Jason then asks her RK: That story in just a minute. RK: Robert. JA: Radiolab. TH: Oh, hola F: Como esta? TH: Hi! Kimberly [the dog]: Bark! F: Kimberly please! TH: Oh, so this is their marriage, their wedding photo. T: Esa es del matrimonio de ellos? La foto?

F: Si TH: Oh, okay. TH: Oh!