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Holly Webb Animal Stories #11: Alone in the Night

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The Snow Cat 6. The Storm Dog 7. Frost 8. It was a present from Granddad, and somehow holding him close makes Granddad seem less far away. But she doesn't expect Amos to turn into a real tiger - a big, comforting, friendly tiger who smells of Granddad, and sounds like him too. From stolen kittens to lost puppies and runaways, Holly's tales of puppies and kittens have won her legions of fans. The perfect series for animal lovers aged six and up. Helena is helping out at a vet's surgery when a young cat is rushed in with a major injury - will they be able to save him?

Bella adopts a friendly mongrel puppy, but will she be able to prove that rescue dogs are just as good as pedigree dogs to her friend at school?

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Packed with mystery and adventure this is perfect for readers aged six to eight years. Charming girl-detective Maisie Hitchins is always on the look-out for a new mystery to solve.

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  • Even while her grandmother keeps her busy running errands Maisie keeps her eyes and ears open and is always quick to spot a clue. Soon Maisie is following an exciting new the trail in this fun to read adventure full of interesting details. Tia adores Milly, her new Bengal kitten.

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    Everything about Milly is perfect! When Tilly hears that there are cat thieves in the area she knows she must do everything she can to keep Milly safe — even if that means keeping her shut indoors which Milly hates. When Milly goes missing Tia is distraught. Luckily, there is a very happy ending. In a sumptuous hardback edition with beautiful illustrations throughout, this is a perfect gift for Christmas and a tale that children will want to return to again and again.

    Maisie Hitchin is always busy running errands for her demanding Grandmother but she has a great nose for mystery which leads on her some exciting adventures. Could the two be related? In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion for The Case of the Stolen Sixpence a small number of children were lucky enough to be invited to review this title.

    Here's a taster I really recommend this book. Scroll down to read more reviews In her second adventure, The Case of the Vanishing Emerald, famed star of the stage Sarah Massey is distraught after her beau, a mysterious young man, gives her a priceless necklace which goes missing. Maisie is instantly on the case, and decides to investigate the theatre, but nothing is what it seems in the world of make believe… With illustrations by Marion Lindsay, these thrilling books will delight fans of Holly Webb and inspire a generation of budding detectives!

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    A wonderful gentle story featuring a girl who wakes up to find herself in a world of ice with only a polar bear cub for company. Together they lose themselves in an enchanting journey through the wilderness - will she find her way back in time for Christmas? Alfie has always loved playing in the overgrown garden next door. It is here he plays with Penguin, an enormous black-and-white cat, a stray who Alfie has claimed as his own.

    But when his next door neighbour's granddaughter, Grace, comes to live with her, she decides Penguin belongs to her. Elsa is finding it difficult to make new friends after her family moves house. Then she hears strange, scratching noises at night and discovers a kitten living in the attic!

    The little cat has gorgeous black fur and so Elsa names him Pepper. Elsa is desperate to keep her lovely new kitten friend. Dad thinks Pepper belonged to the previous owner, but who would leave behind such a beautiful kitten? A magical wintry tale from best-selling author Holly Webb. When Tilly travels by herself on the train for the first time, she ends up falling asleep, only to wake up and discover that she's travelled all the way back to World War II, where she's being evacuated to Wales with her two younger brothers.

    Stern Mr Edwards offers to give them a home on his remote farm, and there she meets a very special sheepdog Written by bestselling author Holly Webb, The Runaways beautifully captures the spirit of Great Britain during the Second World War, weaving together themes of resilience, identity and what it means to call a place your home.

    It's London in the late s, and the Second World War is imminent. When a young Londoner called Molly hears that the children in her neighbourhood are being evacuated, she feels relieved. The war scares her, and living in the city means living in the heart of danger. However, Molly's relief is short lived because her mum refuses to let her go, telling her that she has to stay and help with the war effort. And that's not all - times are tough, and there's not enough food or supplies for people, let alone pets.

    This means that Molly's beloved dog Bertie is now considered surplus to requirement.